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Currently, the Ministry is in the process of creating a new policy on distance learning for the province. The distance learning policy is still in draft form and awaiting final approval, but will be released in time to be implemented in 2010-11.

The original policy document was written in 2000 and was accompanied by a document outlining a peer review process as well. Both were out of date, and the Distance Learning Unit (DLU) and the Learning Support & Technology Unit (LSTU) of the Ministry were requested to renew the policy document so it better reflected the current situation in Manitoba, and to address all three distance learning options. The previous policy only addressed web-based delivery (distributed learning was the term used in 2000). In 2008, the Ministry hosted two forums seeking input from educators, school, and division administrators on distance learning in the province. The policy review committee met several times during the past year to work on the draft document and supporting documents and handbooks for each of the three options. All these items are currently under review and updated information is available here.

The main website for Distance Learning for the Province of Manitoba is available at: