Virtual Schooling in Canada
The purpose of this project is to conduct a comprehensive study to examine the state of K-12 e-learning in Canada. The following reports have been published as a part of this study:

The reports from 2008-2011 were published by the International Association for K-12 Online Learning and the reports from 2012-2013 were published by Open School BC.

This study has four overall components (and these sections of the wiki will be updated using information from the reports as time permits, so it is best to simply consult the reports listed above):
  1. provide an overview of the nature of the education system in Canada to provide the necessary background information for a potential international audience,
  2. examine the provincial Government legislation and policies that govern the use of distance education in each province and territory,
  3. include a thorough survey of all of the virtual schools that are currently in operation on a province-by-province basis all across Canada, and
  4. review the literature that explores K-12 e-learning in Canada through the inclusion of an annotated bibliography (last updated with the 2010 report).

Those members of the research group working on this project include:
  • Nandita Mani (2008)
  • Josh Rouan (2009)
  • Jason Siko (2010-11)
  • Robin Stewart (2007-09)
  • Joe Vrazo (2011)
  • Naimah Wade (2012)
  • Lin Zhang (2007-08)

Last updated: 19 October 2012