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Gilbert, P. (2007). School-based distributed learning: connecting schools for the delivery of online courses: A case study. Unpublished Master's Thesis, Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC.

A paper focusing on the first year implementation of a pilot project that discusses the challenges faced (e.g., Internet access, technology problems, online learning pedagogy, and school administration).

Gilmour, R., & Callin, A. (2009, March). An inside look at Ontario's provincial e-learning strategy. Presentation at the Alberta Distributed Learning Symposium, Calgary, AB. Retrieved on January 3, 2010 from

Gilmour, R., & Harper, M. (2006, February). Building capacity: Consortium best practices. Presentation at the Leading Learning Conference, Toronto Ontario.

A poster presentation discussing practical principles used by a consortium of school boards to guide individual district e-learning initiatives.

Gilmour, R. (2005, February). The online classroom challenge: Student engagement and retention. Presentation at the Leading Learning Conference, Toronto, Ontario.

A presentation discussing the challenges relating to student engagement and retention in virtual learning environments. Best practices drawn upon personal experiences were discussed.

Goodman, S. (2005, February). Teaching online courses: The highs, lows and everything in between. Presentation at the Leading Learning Conference, Toronto, Ontario.

A presentation focusing on challenges online students faced in virtual learning environments and discussing some of the instructional activities to improve learning.

Government of British Columbia. (1999). Evaluation of electronically delivered education programs: Summary report. Victoria, BC: Student Assessment and Program Evaluation Branch, Ministry of Education.

Gray, A. (1996). New Directions in Distance Learning - The year in review. Open Education, 3(1), 36-39.

A paper reporting the effects of a range of supporting technologies found in a study conducted by the Open Learning Agency in BC. Both senior secondary students and adult students were included in the study.

Gregoire, A. (2006, February). Credit recovery through online learning. Presentation at the Leading Learning Conference, Toronto Ontario.

A presentation describing how online courses have been implemented to help students to recover lost credits in the credit recovery programs.

Griffith, H. (2005, May). The hills and valleys of on-line teaching – The landscape of a first time teacher. Presentation at the annual conference of the Manitoba Association for Distributed Learning and Training, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

A presentation focused on online teaching that discussed the issues and challenges related to teaching online teaching, shared online teaching experiences, and provided the suggestions and solutions for overcoming issues arising when teaching online.

Griffiths, C. (2008, April). Online special education: It can be done! Presentation at the Virtual School Society annual conference, Vancouver, BC.

A presentation focused on special education students that discussed tools, materials and processes used to support special education in an online environment. Strategies and resources that the presenters felt were useful were also shared.

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