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Abrami, P. C., Bernard, R. M., Wade, A., Schmid, R. F., Borokhovski, E., Tamim, R., Surkes, M., Lowerison, G., Zhang, D., Nicolaidou, I., Newman, S., Wozney, L., & Peretiatkowicz, A. (2006). A review of e-learning in Canada: a rough sketch of evidences, gaps and promising directions. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology, 32(3). Retrieved on March 29, 2008 from

A literature review on the direction of research on e-learning from 2000 to the present, with a Canadian perspective. The report investigated multiple sources of information to include a broad base of arguments and opinions about e-learning. The sources were compiled and coded into an “Argument Catalogue”, this codebook allowed the authors to identify generalizations that have been drawn from empirical studies, gaps that exist in the current literature, and possible directions for future research.

Adams, D. (2004, May). Online courses – Exploring the options (K-S4). Presentation at the annual conference of the Manitoba Association for Distributed Learning and Training, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Retrieved on January 23, 2009 from

A presentation discussing the use of WebCT from both teachers and students including the benefits and challenges of using WebCT. The presenter also shared several short videos of students and teachers describing their feelings about WebCT.

Anderson, T. (2008). Is videoconferencing the killer app for K-12 distance education? Journal of Distance Education, 22(2), 109-124. Retrieved on May 15, 2008 from

An article on the usage of videoconferencing via very high speed digital network in Alberta. This article focused on how Internet Protocol videoconferencing was being used and what types of infrastructure were being provided. In addition, this study revealed the effectiveness of VC for classroom teaching, professional development and administration.

Andreacchi, J., & Vaughnley, A. (2006, February). Virtual reality: Online teaching - Trials and tribulations. Presentation at the Leading Learning Conference, Toronto Ontario.

A presentation describing the adventure of the authors into the realm of teaching online.

Armstrong, J. & McClintick, T. (2008, April). Distributed learning program compliance audits. Presentation at the Virtual School Society annual conference, Vancouver, BC.

A presentation about distance learning administrators and teachers that discussed the required annual enrollment audits conducted by the Funding and Compliance Unit of the Resource Management Department to assure that the Ministry of Education policies are followed. The purpose of the presentation is to review the process and explain how it differed from the Quality Review process.

Ash, M. (2005, February). AMDEC: A real school experience in a virtual setting. Presentation at the Leading Learning Conference, Toronto, Ontario.

A presentation focusing on students' online learning experiences at secondary schools in Ontario.

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