Virtual Schooling Glossary and Definitions

The purpose of this project was to create a glossary and definitions of virtual schooling. This glossary was created by searching the current literature and unpublished dissertations on virtual schooling, along with the websites for various virtual and cyber schools and organizations that represent virtual schooling professionals for terms that we felt were unique to virtual schooling or would not be familiar to students, parents/guardians, teachers and administrators who may be interested in virtual school.

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There were existing glossaries of distance education terms that guided our work, such as http://www.elearners.com/resources/glossary.asp or https://courses.worldcampus.psu.edu/public/faculty/DEGlossary.shtml , however, our project had a specific focus on K-12 online learning. There were also existing K-12 online learning glossaries, such as http://www.elearningontario.ca/eng/aboutus/glossary.aspx , http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/dl/wbc/wbcgloss.html or http://www.learnnowbc.gov.bc.ca/course_finder/glossary.aspx . While we used these as resources, we attempted to create a glossary that was not specific to a particular geographic jurisdiction.

This project was undertaken by the K-12 Online Learning Research Group at Wayne State University. There were ten members (including myself) of the research group. Those who worked on this project included:
  • Lauren Demaree
  • Nandita Mani
  • Mary Saffron
  • JaCinda Sumara
  • Sacip Toker

Last updated: 3 December 2008