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These are the K-12 distance education programs that we are aware of in the Province of Alberta.

Alberta Distance Learning Centre (province-wide)
Argyll/LearnNet On-Line (district-based)
Aspen View Virtual School (district-based)
Battle River Online (district-based)
Buffalo Trail Students Online (district-based)
Golden Hills Virtual School (district-based)
Holy Family Cyber High Virtual (district-based)
Innovative Learning Services (district-based)
InterEd (district-based)
NorthStar Academy (district-based)
Peace Academy of Virtual Education (district-based)
Revelation Online (district-based)
Rocky View Virtual School (district-based)
St. Gabriel Cyber School (district-based)
St. Paul's Acadaemy Centre for Learning @ Home (district-based)
School of Hope (district-based)
SunChild E-Learning Community (district-based)
Vista Virtual School (province-wide)

Please advise if you know of ones that have been excluded from this list or if there are any broken links above.